Île Blanche - Locquirec

The translation system

For the needs of international religious chapters, the house has a translation system allowing simultaneous translation into four different languages. This system is also suitable for an international conference or meeting with non-French speakers.

Adjacent to the large conference room, a smaller one is composed of 4 booths where translators can follow and interpret simultaneously what is said in the large room. Each participant has a headset connected to a box on which he can select the listening channel according to the chosen language. So everyone can listen and intervene regardless of the language spoken.

The rates for renting the translation system depend on the number of languages needed and the length of time in days of use. We invite you to contact us for more information and to get a quote.


“The Ile Blanche” welcomes you to Locquirec for your seminars, your religious chapter meetings but also for your family events.