Our values

Île Blanche - Locquirec

Simplicity, listening, sharing, kindness and respect for everyone

Our values: simplicity, listening, sharing, kindness and respect for everyone, unite the people involved in the management and animation of the House and the people welcomed.

These values are expressed in a text, updated in January 2023 by the leaders of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, which expresses the purpose of the House and which begins as follows:

The purpose of the Maison d’accueil de l’Ile Blanche (…) is to welcome all those who wish to take some time to reflect with themselves or with God.

The Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit reaffirms its desire to offer our contemporaries a place where the hurried pace of today’s life ceases for a pause, where the temptation of consumerism gives way to gratuitousness, where the virtual fades in favour of a return to reality anchored in a healthy relationship with oneself, with the other, with nature, with God…

Environment & ecology

The text on the Finality ends with the evocation of the development of the park of the property, in collaboration with associations that work in the respect of the environment and in the dynamics of a conversion to integral ecology. The GAEW association (Gwin An Enez Wenn = Vin de l’Ile Blanche) was created for this purpose in early 2023.

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“The Ile Blanche” welcomes you to Locquirec for your seminars, your religious chapter meetings but also for your family events.