The Park

Île Blanche - Locquirec

A property in the heart of a wooded park

The property is built in the heart of a park of 14 hectares. Between land and sea, this natural environment is composed of several spaces. There is a calvary, megalithic tombs and more recent ones of characters who have marked the history of the place, cultures, spaces for walking and relaxation, views of Locquirec and the Douron …

In a constantly changing nature, at the slow pace of tides and days that pass, you will find there a quiet place, conducive to reflection and healing.


After the Covid years at « Ile Blanche » a small group of motivated volunteers started to assess the situation about the gorgeous but left to go to seed park of 14 hectares, invaded by giant brambles and invasive vegetation, and they reacted in 2022 by creating the association called GAEW (Gwin An Enez Wenn : the wine of Ile Blanche in Breton).

After a general clean up of the park, allowing to discover some very rare species of orchids (protected at the national level), a membership to the L.P.O. (association for the protection of birds) as well as to Bretagne Vivante (protection of biodiversity), GAEW and many of its 70 adherents planted 750 organic vine feet Johanniter variety on two plots of 500 square meters each facing the river Douron, then they planted an organic orchard of fruit trees that will be enlarged very soon, and finally they created a shared vegetable garden with permaculture of 200 square meters : many organic vegetables have already been shared and a surplus of potatoes was donated to the « Restaus du coeur » in Morlaix.

A medicinal garden is being prepared near the Chapel on 50 square meters and an experimental tea park will be created very soon on 20 square meters. If you are interested in those projects, do not hesitate and come and join us !!!


“The Ile Blanche” welcomes you to Locquirec for your seminars, your religious chapter meetings but also for your family events.